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Please i need help!..can anyone tell me why i am not getting orders on my gigs


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At 5 days it isn’t very uncommon to have no sales yet. It takes some people weeks. Be sure you are marketing outside Fiverr (social media is a common way) and making your gigs and profile the best they can be.

Your gigs are very typical and there are thousands of competitors selling the same things. Many sellers have more unique gig images, good videos on their gigs, samples of their real work on display (even if they just created them to show on Fiverr) and have tweaked their tags and keywords to the max. Be sure you go through the Fiverr Academy too.

When other sellers have the same kind of gigs plus they have some reviews, they are going to get the sale, so you have to find ways to stand out or come up with some unique gigs to add on.

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