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Hey my fiverr-friends!

I read so many posts about desperating gig’s and sellers!
Sooo… why shouldn’t we do it together? I mean if we go down, then together. But when we work in a group to create something big, we can make a big amount of cash. So let me know, if you want to do it with me.

Have a great day! (:


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Usually, the most despairing sellers are despairing because they are intellectually cut-price millennials not accustomed to this strange new world where fluffy unicorns don’t come along and magically vomit money and praise of them three times a day.

In this case, please yes, take them away with you and do some crazy sh*t together.

All aboard folks! The How Do I Mek Sells train is stationed at platform 1. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to disappear into the sunset of quasi-communist paradise finally. Tickets start at $5.

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