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Differentiation is the key to success


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Some categories on fiverr are being swamped by sellers. The more desperate are taking to offering their wares on Buyer Requests in the vain hope that they scratch out a little work. It is particularly acute in the writing categories. A race to the bottom in terms of offering as many words as possible for $5 is not an astute business plan.

Differentiation will work.

What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What can you write about with ease?

Then setting up a gig based on that topic can really help you to set yourself apart from the rest of those on fiverr and give you the opportunity to get some work. For example, if a buyer wants someone to write about sports then your “I will write about sports” gig will surely be at the top of their list.

Think about how you can make yourself stand out from what everyone else on fiverr is offering without undervaluing your product. By all means have a generic writing gig to use at other times but pour your focus into the niches that will keep your work interesting and get you relevant writing work.

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