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Top 3 BIGGEST mistakes a seller can make


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Hey Fam

Based on my experience as a seller and buyer I can say the 3 biggest mistakes sellers on Fiverr make are:

  1. Late delivery. Your buyer will most probably leave you a negative review and never use you again so rather manage your time and set a reasonable delivery date instead of failing to deliver on time.

  2. Poor quality gig delivery. Always over deliver. Let your buyer feel that you’ve gone the extra mile and really put in the effort to complete the gig order. This makes the buyer super satisfied but also feels special.

  3. Avoidable mistakes. Always use clear communication. Be super clear about your gig offering. If you don’t understand your buyer’s requests rather ask the buyer to clarify. Rather ask questions than get it wrong and receive a negative review.

I hope these tips help you to be better sellers and receive more repeat orders!

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Hi everyone,

I want to also advice fellow sellers to stay away from buyers who ask you, “whether you offer refunds”, stay absolutely away from them, you are never going to satisfy them. believe me, the reason they are asking is probably because they have tried several other sellers who were unable to meet their requirements, so they have lost money and do not wish to lose more, knowing fully well that their request is out of this world, only aliens probably can understand what they really need.

If you don’t want to get your effort wasted, because once you offer them the possibility of getting a refund, they tend to misuse it and blackmail you.

When a buyer ask you such question, simply tell them No you don’t…Or ask them why they want a refund for a job that has not been done.

I am not saying you can’t offer refund, but I am particularly concerned about buyer who ask you before purchasing. Its quite easy to understand, they are not sure anybody can meet their demand, so they want to use $5 or $10 and try almost every seller they come across.

And you know what happens to your gig when you start introducing these cancellations.

I hope this helps.



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Guest aj_designstudio

The suggestions are great, and expect further from the writer.
If it delays the delivery due to lack of information from buyer what would be happened or alternative?

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Interesting to see some “positive minded” people be positive on a negative post masquerading as a positive one using one of marketing’s most basic principles: pain.

Man, I need to start my own empire of “guides” if it’s this basic and easy. Be a nice addition to my Kindlempire. What’s that noise? Anger about my arrogance? Oops, let me add another tip to this: instead of raining bloody hellfire on people who have a handle on this shit who are tired of your generic shit, grow your shit. Yo.

Just to piss y’all off, I’m going to start a new career in selling stuff to marketers in 2017. Yes, that’s months away. First tip: notice how I’m already planning 2017 while you scratch your balls in between a “nice tip thank”.

Feel free to compete. You won’t beat me (if you do, you will get an Obama .gif) but you’ll have something to do instead of this slow death. Me? If I can really irritate someone and increase my passive income I’m all for it.

Or you could fade into obscurity without meager wealth while ranting about positivity. IDK, it’s your choice. Oddly enough, this is one of the best tips here… not amazing, but better than the original.

I feel that this post was pompous and presumptuous. You could call it arrogant: I’ll call you a lazy damn writer.

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