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Why am I not getting any new clients?


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I had my first client four days ago. In the third day, another person asked for my help. After that, nobody contacted me - even though I had received full five stars from both.

My response rate is 11 hr, and I think my last client is “to blame” for it.

What is the problem could it be? How do you find new clients?

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Guest flomaestro

Hi there, you are just starting out on fiverr. If it makes you feel better, some never got 1 order after 6 months after creating an order. My suggestions

  1. Stay online 24/7
  2. Continue to modify your gig to follow the current trend in your niche.
  3. Check your pricing. If it is too high, you may chase away potential buyers.
  4. Make sure your gig title,description and tags are seo optimized.
  5. Sit back and chill
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