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How To Bid on Projects and Get Orders. (Porposal Writing)


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Everyday I see people posting that they have account on fiverr, but they are not getting projects.


1- Write Greetings, like hi, how are you etc.

2- Tell the buyer you understood his requirements, don’t just say it, repeat the job in your own words i.e. I see you want the job done by having a popup which will appear when anyone lands on the website", then tell about how will you accomplish it.

3- If you have any question or suggestion, write on 3rd place.

4- Let the customer know about your experience i.e. I have this much experience, and I did this much websites/or projects so far.

5- Tell the customer about your availability, i.e. I am available to start the job right away or as per your ease.

6- Share the best of your work, i.e. around 3 to 4 links, try them to be relevant to user requirements.

7- Call to action like “If you’ve any question then feel free to ask”

8- Good bye greetings, and that you are waiting for his response to discuss further.

Nobody is perfect, if you have better suggestions, please share.

GOD bless you all.

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Please follow following things

First of All make Something Different in Title, Don’t make generic title like everyone. make unique like a purple cow in Black cows

1- Make Awesome and Related Cover Image
2- Don’t copy paste description , make you own and unique
3- Offer Affordable Prices and Reliable Services
4- Add call to action in Your Gig

Best Regards

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Your gigs are good Please follow these things.

1- Image is Not attractive
2- Please research Which services in Adobe are top on fiverr. Make gig on those. I’ve seen that You’ve expertise in Illustrator, You can offer, 3D Book Covers, Logo Design, Business Card.

3- Please write Gigs Description in Professional Way. also remove from end of gig: Thanks for your input and Name.

I will share other Complete Review After some hours.


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This was for Mobile apps page Designing while there was no content there.

Respected Sir, I’ve seen your Mobile apps page with Newsletter. I will fill content in Eye-catching Layout. I will also do other work. I will feel pleasure to work in your budget. If you’ve any question, then feel free to ask.

Let’s Build Success
Best Regards

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I’ve seen Your gigs and Profile Since you’re new on fiverr. Don’t Forget to apply on new Requests. I write this post for bidding. how to apply on buyer requests. You can apply on daily 10 Requests. I favorited your all gigs please ask your friends also to do that. and Follow these things.

1- Get social Share url from Gig page and Share you gig URL on Social Media
2- If you can design your own Cover image then It’s better
3- Use proper format of Description. Use Bold, Color … in your gig according to writing format,

4- Extend your description please. Sketching gig description is little better please make format in it.

5- Use Proper related and 5 tags per gig Since minium are 3

Thankyou for apperication. Best of Luck

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I’ve seen your profile.

1- Please Use call to action in your gig
2- Fiverr have accounting work but following is the skills which or on top:

Graphic Design, Content writing, Web-design (Wordpress, Php), Seo.

Wordpress is very easy platform , If you can learn it then You’ve more scope for work. Just drag and Drop functionality no Coding knowledge Required, By following links you can know about wordpress and can learn also.



WPBeginner - Beginner's Guide for WordPress

WPBeginner is the largest WordPress resource site for WordPress Beginners with easy to understand WordPress tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond.

It can give you work fast. or If you can learn Graphics, have skill of content writing then You can earn quick as Compare to Accounting services gig account.


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I just checked your profile, On profile Description make it professional , Half is right. also Your Tagline is common , write something unique So buyer who will visit your profile Will know about your business in first Look.

1- Make Eye-catching, Simple Image for gig. This time first and 3rd gig image is mess up with other things.

2- Use social Media for making Impression

Thankyou, I favorited your gigs.

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Thanks for your tips!
May you check my gigs please?
My best seller gig is old and I was on vacation for my academic exam.
After, activating vacation mood off then I didn’t get any new sell, not even a single message.
Can you do me a favor, please? Tell me what should I do.

Thanks again

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