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  1. you can also report the issue to the FIVERR customer service, they will cancel it immediately without delay
  2. you will get just keep doing it @emailtemplate7
  3. ok, thanks i will…@maximastudio
  4. believe me, you are almost there soon, just don’t give up. @vectorer
  5. AM JUST SO HAPPY am now a level 2 seller, am short of words, i have waited for so long, in fact a lot of client didn’t give me feed back i was so worried that i need this to earn my level 2 but FIVERR gave it to me any way, thank you FIVERR.
  6. you know what? i too just earn mine just few minute ago, you see in life it it good to celebrate with those who are celebrating, because you don’t know when its your turn to celebrate. am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. WHAT DO YOU RENDER? know who needs your service, then tell them why you are the best among other. then you will be successful
  8. thats great man…COngratulation up up you goooooooooo…to add more image go and edit your Gig navigate to the gallery you will see where to add or upload image to your Gig
  9. thanks for the share…i really learn’t alot .
  10. There is something we the sellers have to take note of, and this is so important because now many sellers are giving Fiverr a bad reputation and this is only making Buyers now not to trust Sellers and even depriving clients of coming to fiverr. Buyers New/Old when you open a Gig you need to know more about what you are doing is not just to know the Basis, many Buyers know what they want and who is professional and who is not, so go and learn more about what you do if you don’t know deep things about what you do, is not about the $ but about the joy you bring in the Heart of your clients and with this you too will be happy also. So take the time to learn what you DO. Good Luck
  11. you should not do that, because fiverr team will detect you and that will make them ban you from Fiverr, because they have your ip already.
  12. Wow i love this i just did mine now, hoping to hear fro Fiverr Team so happy…
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