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I'm now working full-time on fiverr!


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Hey guys.

A lot of things changed around here since I was a fiverr “heavy-user”. I started out in January last year and it was really a great source of income for me, as I was working a full-time job and also freelancing at the same time.

I encountered stressful periods and sometimes it was hard to keep up. I landed a pretty high paid job and didn’t do much freelancing afterwards, just a project from while to while.

Now, I decided to take matter in my own hands and decided to embrace Fiverr as my now official full time job. Proud to say it. I’m more positive than ever.

Hope y’all doing well.


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Good for you! What country are you in? When I hear someone is full-time on Fiverr, I wonder how far the money from here can go where they live and with their circumstances. I know where I live, and my personal circumstances, to be full time on Fiverr would take a feat of gigantic proportions.

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