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  1. Sorry to hear this. CS may take some time to respond. But give them proof that you did not steal the work if you can. And show then your conversations with the buyer to show you did not ask to speak outside of Fiverr. That could go a long way.
  2. I have been here for almost seven years. It has gone from very personal knowing people in the company and communicating with them to very robotic and standard canned response.
  3. Like all new initiatives by Fiverr it is cloaked in mystery, was apparently available in testing with little knowledge to anyone, a new way to drive revenue growth, and leaves many with questions. I have been here close to seven years. This is how it works. New ideas get tested. Some work, some fall flat. Some blow up. Some sellers get mad. Some get involved and are happy. Many really have no idea how it all works when it comes to being a part of this. The best thing you can do is make sure your Gigs are in great shape, take care of the business you do have, and have more than Fiverr as an egg in your proverbial basket. None of us can predict how this will play out. Time will tell, but it seems like a grab at the new remote working environment to get a share of that bounty.
  4. Interesting. I have not seen people offering services like this here. Fiverr has its academy for adults. I think you should consider pre-recorded options. I know some people who use those as a way to offer free courses and build e ma i l lists. I am not sure Fiverr is the right market place for this service now. But, it does not mean you should give up either. This platform is always changing and you may on to something yet to catch on here.
  5. I have learned that experience that hard way to. Just reinforcing what you learned. No shaming or judging.
  6. Never give away work for free. If someone wants free work before making a purchase, walk away. Show them a portfolio or watermarked samples.
  7. Sometimes you just never know. May just want to see who will reply or did not have a real idea of cost.
  8. I would gruesomely pass on this job. Cancel it. Sadistic stuff. I teach children that age, and that is not ok for 6 year olds in any way shape or form.
  9. Some are fascinating. I like the ones that tell you a phrase to but in the request to show you read it.
  10. Just cancel through CS. You do not need the Buyers approval to cancel. CS will do it for you no questions asked.
  11. As a writer, I am sop sorry to hear about this. As others have said, contact CS. They can cancel for you. In the future test writers with one small article first. When someone wants a bulk order from me like that, I always suggest we start with one and go from there so we can see how it goes and build from there. Charles
  12. Gina! What a great post. I love it. Coming from a respected buyer, this is so powerful. I hope people who write request responses like this read it. Seamless plug, my dog is a pug, king charles cavalier mix. She is 14 pounds, and her name is Dolly.
  13. I had that happen. Keep contacting Fiver support with screenshots and proof. Contact the place the funds went too. It took a couple weeks, but eventually Fiverr resolved it.
  14. Curious, who here has come on as a seller due to Covid - 19?
  15. Pretty cool stuff. Neat to see real people from across the globe in the same boat
  16. I would imagine it is a huge factor. The majority of the world is shut down. Millions in the US alone are now unemployed. The ripple effect on sales here is. a no brainer.
  17. I have heard from multiple family and friends in New York and Maryland, that they were told by there primary care doctor they have Covid-19, but need to stay home unless symptoms get worse. Tests are being saved for those in hospitals or are really symptomatic to a more severe degree. I have no doubt the numbers, although really high in the US, are not even close to the reality. So many probably have had it and recovered who were never counted for, and who knows how many have it now not able to get tested. I am in Maryland.
  18. This initial post was put up on Feb 27th. At that point, no one knew how this would fully play out in the US where I live. Nor did we really know how it would affect the rest of the world or Gig economy workers. Sitting here on March 25th, Sh&T got real! More than 1/3 of the US population is under stay at home orders. It does not mean that everyone is listening. NY is the epicenter of this in the US for now, cases and deaths are rising at record rates each day countrywide - but mainly NY. A sign of things to come in other states is what many seem to wonder. We are still, although better at testing, need more tests to get a read on the entire picture and testing is backlogged, so I do not believe we have the full picture of how this is spreading in places outside of the major epicenters here. The daily briefings by Governers, especially Cuomo of NY, and that of our commander in Chief are fascinating and taking the place of sporting events I would be watching for entertainment. I will leave that alone for now. Good news for self-employed Gig workers who are affected by this. Sounds. like they can file for unemployment and get that plus some via this new bailout bill from congress. The school system I work in just announced closure for 4 more weeks with remote learning. It should be interesting to see how they implement that. Amazing how things change in just one short month. It went from we are scared and watching and maybe it won’t be so bad to oh Sh&t! Stay safe
  19. I am in Maryland. East coast of the US. We have one death in the county I live in and over 100 cases state wide. Everything is shut down! Grocery stores are having a hard time keeping stock of disinfecting wipes and general cleaning supplies. They have Senior hours for people over 60 from 7-8am at the stores. I am a Teacher by day, so off and trying to enjoy the time. No clue when and if we go back to work. Right now it is set for the end of the month to go back, but hard to see how with cases growing. The biggest issue as I am sure the news has said is testing. It is so limited right now. To get tested requires so much effort, and as it becomes more available, I am sure the numbers will spike significantly. Watching how different states handle this vs how the Govt is responding is interesting. I do not want to go into that. I feel horrible for anyone affected by this. Seeing images. from Italy is scary, and I sure hope the US learns from China and Europes lessons and listens. Only time will tell, and not having a known outcome for this is anxiety producing.
  20. Uber hasn’t suspended operations, they only suspended pool, which is like Lyft’s share (different passengers in the car, often at once, multiple pickups and deliveries). Today I took a Lyft home because I lost my car keys, so it’s obvious people are still driving. I was misinformed. That makes sense to not do pools.
  21. lol Good old Arlington. Well they have to limit it I guess. I miss that area. Nice area. I am in MD
  22. Yeah, traffic is great, but I am not driving! I Teach during the day, so we are shut down. Everything, as I am sure you are experiencing is closed anyway. I am glad checks will come and food stamps too. It all will help. I saw Arlington had the testing. They did 60 people today. You have to live there and have a Dr. order.
  23. Applause!! Follow UW and get rid of them all.
  24. The delivery services where I live near Washington, DC are overwhelmed. You have to schedule a week or more in advance for a delivery where normally you can do a couple of days in advance. Even instacart same day delivery does not have same day slots. I have learned from going to multiple Grocery stores that you have to get there when they open, especially if you want disinfectant wipes, cleaning supplies, or toiletries.
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