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Wow the *NEW* $200 Gig extras limit can multiply x15 = $3,000


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Hi all,

I like bringing to sellers attention NEW changes Fiverr makes.

You may have seen my thread the other day here regarding the new FAQ’s feature.
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How to succeed on Fiverr using the new FAQ's feature

Whenever Fiverr brings out a new feature jump on it ASAP. I'd start by using the new FAQ's you can add to your gig descriptions. It's very cool and will reduce basic questions you get and get people ordering your gigs that much quicker. 1200...

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Today I noticed another new change that seems to have flown under the radar…our $50 limit for gig extras has been raised to $200!

Seller you can really cash in here if you edit your gigs.

Plus I love that this is now in $5 increments. $30, $35 and $45 gig extras were not possible before let alone from $55-$200.

If people want to order multiples the drop down list goes up to x15 so this is $3,000!

I wonder what the highest possible or could ever be. 5 gig extras x (x15 $200 = $3,000) = $15,000 and that doesn’t include the other Fiverr generated gig extras for certain categories.

Stay creative =)

Kind Regards
Creativeman / Murray

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