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How to write a gig description


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Hi everyone today I’m going to share my knowledge about gig description.

First of all you have to get an idea about what is the gig description and how to write a gig description. So go and read some description of top rated sellers on fiverr and get some ideas. After that you can start to write your gig description.

As I think there should be five parts in a gig description

  1. Welcome
  2. Description about you
  3. What buyer can get from you
  4. What you need from buyer
  5. Invitation

Now I’ll explain one by one

  1. Welcome

    Firstly you have to give a warm welcome to your buyer because it is very important to keep buyer eye and mind on your gig.

Ex -: Are you looking for professional eye catching logo for your company or your organization? If yes, welcome…! It must take you a while to get hear. So let me take this great opportunity to give you a warm welcome.

  1. Description about you

This is should be very short and attractive.

Ex -: My name is Dinesh and I’m a professional graphic designer with many years of experience on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

  1. What buyer can get from you.

    Now tell buyer to what you are ready to give for your order. Mention everything you are ready to give.

Ex -: You will get in 24 hours

Eye catching logos

2000px X 2000px logo design in high resolution (300ppi) JPG or transparent PNG format.

All editable source files in AI EPS PDF or PSD format

  1. What you need from buyer

    Now write all requirement for your design.

Ex -: I’ll need

Your logo tittle

Logo style (3D, Modern, Vintage, Hand Drawn, Text)

  1. Invitation

    Now the time to invite your buyer to click on order button.

    Ex -: The best friendly point is

    100% money back guaranty


If you have any question about this gig or anything else you can contact me. I’ll reply you ASAP

Thank you

Thank you for reading.

See my PDF attachment you can get clear idea about examples from that.

Please leave a comment.

Thank you for your valuable information 😊

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