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How to Drive Customers to Your Gig for Purchase


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Being a Level 2 seller has came with hard work since June 2015. Although with having two businesses; creating orders online for Fiverr became more and more prevalent for the business. One day I decided to offer “Perks” for our gigs. Buyers are searching for ways to maximize their dollars on Fiverr. One of our best gig packages are radio advertising. Buyers are seeking time duration without having to pay the hefty price tag for more air time. It’s as if you’re new in the business and you’re offering services to win your customers to your site. With running two non profit businesses; one strategy which we utilize for our clients is to offer webinars and conferences for free and offer book sales after each event.

Of course; we all value of our gigs and how much time and effort we place to each service which we have agreed to perform on Fiverr. But the way to drive customers to your gig is to offer some perks until you can excel in your gig and your gig level.

Once your gig becomes more and more popular; then you can retain and increase your prices for your gigs and gig packages. Keep in mind that your gig may be up against thousands of sellers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Your main objective is getting them to your page so that they can see your outstanding work and reviews.
Go ahead and give it a try.

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