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Does Customer Support work?

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Guest mrspanda

The respond within the same day or within the week. They are backed up. Stay patient. I believe it has been less than 24 hours since you have submitted a ticket.

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Guest medianzaira
princessmalibu said: Reply to @rossonomous: gee rose you have xray vision are you fiverr Customer Support or a seller? when did I submit it? since you know everything! go away! you add nothing to this post!


I suggest you should be more tactful when it comes to address to strangers, princessmalibu. The fact that you work for a PR firm in Hollywood in addition to the pretty (brand) shoe you use instead of a profile picture, does not give you the eligibility to be rude. At least, here it's not the "Devil Wore Prada" (Hollywood sarcasm - in case you didn't get it).

I've followed your threads and it is quite apparent that your manners are...on question. Did anyone in here gave you the wrong impression that you can ever say to a fellow participant to "go away"?

If you had paid the slightest attention to the reply you had received, in case you submitted a ticket,you would have known the answer to your question.Besides, you can always follow your open tickets by checking their status (Being processed or awaiting to be addressed to an agent and so on).

You'd better consider what you say/write publicly...scripta manent, in case you've heard of something called "Latin".




PS: "your" if you pardon me, is a pronoun, nothing to do with "you're". I am not a native english speaker but your spelling mistakes are obvious...that's of course from another thread, but I just remembered!

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