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Information about whiteboard ainmation and cartoon maker software


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There are lots of great suites out there. However, which ever one you use, you must be prepared to make a significant investment. Most Fiverr sellers who create videos use online video animation suites which charge anywhere between $700 and $2000 for the annual licences required for sellers to be able to actually sell videos. Alternatively, you can download stand alone suites, some of which are free like Blender, however, these will require a significant learning curve.

Your best bet is to look around online for web based animation platforms, look at what kind of videos you can make using each one and then look back at Fiverr and figure out which are suites seem to be the most popular among people already selling animation work.

Also, there are some platforms which will allow you to create and download videos on a one off basis for between $50 and $70 per video without buying an annual subscription. In this case, it is a good idea to create some free accounts and start making videos (i.e. learning how to use each software tool in question) before committing to purchasing an actual subscription.

Lastly, steer clear of cheap software available for download as this is often very poor quality and buyers on Fiverr are looking for as high-quality videos as possible.

In short, get researching!

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