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Sales Not Increasing On my Awsome Giggs


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Hello Everyone.

Suggestions are most welcome.

This is my profile link


I am not getting orders on fiver like i see other people getting them…most of them are on que.When will i see those days…Until now my feedback is good but sales are not increasing…

The idea of posting here on the forum came into my mind because of two things…

One, Maybe i will get some suggestions from the users

second,maybe people will go through my profile and they might like any gig that i have to offer.

I offer many Fun related giggs.

I want everyone to check out my giggs and I have an offer for you.

If you buy 2 gigs , i will give you the third one for free.

here is the promotional code if you order after reading from this topic .

Promotional code= fiver3

If you write this code in your purchase iw ill give you one gig free for purchasing 2 gigs

Thank You so Much for reading

Nauman Masood

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Hi, as a large buyer on Fiverr I immediately noticed a couple things.

  1. Your descriptions are incredibly short and not very detailed. In a couple cases I wondered what it was you’re selling.

  2. One of your after images looks worse than your before image causing me to doubt your skills on all your gigs.

  3. There are no videos or multiple sample pictures, so there’s no way for me to see what kind of work you do. Since you’re in a very visual business, it doesn’t make sense that you don’t provide this. It causes me to doubt your skills and credibility.

  4. Also why would a graphics expert be getting me 50 likes on facebook as a gig? You should consider creating gigs around a central theme.

  5. Some headlines don’t convey any BENEFIT to the reader. For example, “I will edit 10 pictures for your fB profile or others for $5”. I read that and say to myself, “so what?”

  6. I didn’t realize until the 3rd time I looked at your gigs while writing this that your video hive gig used Adobe After Effects. Capitalize important words for people who are just quickly scanning headlines.

    Just a few thoughts. Hope it stimulates thought.
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For this gig: http://fiverr.com/nauman143/edit-5-pictures-for-your-fb-profile-or-others-edit-5-pictures-for-your-fb-profile-or-others

Like stated before, your description is very short. Try saying something like “I will edit 10 pictures for you, which you can use on Facebook or anywhere else. I’ll make your pictures look the best…” really sell what you can do for your clients. Put up more before/after, and use one that was pretty darkly lit and then put up a nice after of it.

"I can customize and edit pictures videos audios text of any videohive after effects template that you will provide me . I also have 20-30 after effects templates on my machine which i can edit for you."

Capitalize After Effects and make the description longer and more active. You need a call to action so people want to buy!


The title of this, frankly, bores me. Try something like “I can put whatever you want to say in this awesome video!” or something along those lines. You need to make it exciting. I watched the Youtube link you provided, and you didn’t even say that it included sound and more than one frame. It’s a good video so you need to promote this gig well. Say things like “Advertise your business…say hello to a loved one…” give people a reason why they would want to buy this gig. Why haven’t you uploaded it as a video on Fiverr instead of linking to Youtube?


Name this a better title. “I will Photoshop seven pictures for you” or something. Not your 7 picture.

Also don’t say “blah blah” - it seems like you aren’t going to work with buyers.

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