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Annoying buyer


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I translated a very old, poorly photocopied scan of a paper for a buyer.
I told the buyer in advance that some text was literally missing.
It was difficult to understand it and I had to figure out the meaning of the sentence and then guess the best possible words in place of the missing words.

The last 5 sentences were completely blurry and even no meaning could have been derived from it. Even guess work didn’t work.
I had put a lot of effort into the document and took the help of a preacher in compiling it.

When I delivered the documents he said that it was incomplete, I told him repeatedly that the text was missing.
But he keep insisting to revise it and provide the full translation.
The document was related to the transfer of property and morally + legally I can not translate the erased sentences of such a serious document.
I told this story repeatedly to him and now he wants half the amount to be refunded.
What should I do?
Below are the attached documents that the seller gave me for translation.

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You should absolutely refuse to refund his order. If he goes to customer support, they’ll review the order and tell him to deal with it because the work provided was exactly what you told him to expect. If he leaves a negative review complaining that you delivered incomplete work, you can petition to have it removed since you’ve got all the documentation to show that the buyer knew in advance that you couldn’t magically create a complete translation from an incomplete document.


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