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Be sure to not use short URLs


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Hopefully, we all know that Fiverr does not allow use of outside URLs in our profile/bios (other than Flickr and Youtube), per their ToS. I learned today that we are not supposed to be using short URLs either (URL shortened by a sites like bit-ly). I was unaware of this and had a shortened Youtube link in my bio (because the full link took up too many characters).

My Level One status was taken away this morning. I contacted customer service in a complete panic. Within 15 minutes, my status was restored.

Thanks to Fiverr for their superior customer service. I wanted to let everyone know this as a Public Service Announcement, so you can avoid a similar confusion. Do not use shortened websites on your profile/bio, even if they are Youtube or Flickr. 😉

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Hi, which brings up a very good question. YouTube has their own URL shortener built-in as does fiverr. If a person was to post a YouTube short URL, would fiverr flags be smart enough to figure it out and give you an approval status anyway?

If so, that could solve your YouTube shortening problems.


aka MrBargain

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