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Different sellers, different terms


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As a Seller, I sell a lot. With that being said, I deal with a much of customers. One very important thing I would like to remind all of you wonderful buyers out there is that not all sellers are created equal. Just like everything else in the world, we sellers are all different. And that’s a good thing!

That being said, it’s important to treat sellers like the unique people we are and be aware of the differences in our terms and what we can and cannot provide you when you purchase OUR gigs. This way, there’s no confusion.

I am always happy to answer any questions or concerns buyers may have about what I offer and I clearly state details in my gig descriptions. I’ve had buyers say things like “Another seller did this…” and “Another seller gave me these…” – “why don’t you?”.

Buyers set terms in accordance to our own personal limitations, region, skill level, etc., so they likely will vary from other sellers. The way one seller works may not be the same way as other sellers.

Please be considerate in reading and asking questions about what we can and cannot do for you because we want to make you happy with your order and understanding the limitations and boundaries of each seller’s gig is a good way to get off to a PERFECT GIG! 😀

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As a seller, I completely agree with this. It’s an instant red flag to me when a buyer says “Another seller did your gig for cheaper.” Or something akin to that.

Well… there’s clearly a reason you’re talking to ME instead of the seller you mentioned who is cheaper. Either you want MY work or you don’t. I’m not hurting for sales that much anymore – if you find a better deal elsewhere, by all means, take it! I won’t be bothered by not working with someone who doesn’t value my work and effort.

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