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Start selling! How to get excellent rates easily and how to sell your first gig


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Hi there ,
i’m new seller on fiverr, I joined fiverr about 1 month ago and after completing 22 orderrating, i became level 1, so i thought i’d share my story and experience on fiverr so the other new seller can get benefit from it here is some tips, that will make huge different for your business

  1. promote your business
    it sounds simple but it’s “in my opinion” the most effective way to kick start your business, it’s easy you can promote your gigs simply by sharing them on social media like facebook,twitter,youtube,sanpchat ……ect
    and the most important thinks you share with people who are interested in this kinda things you do,whatever it’s.
    i’d say 70% of the orders comes from promoting

2- have great fresh, unique clear sincere description for your gig,
so simple but it’s really effective

3.show them some sample of your work, show them what you’ve done.
even they wanna buy something from you, if they don’t see sample or something you’ve done, they will have a doubt that you can do what you described,this is will pull the buyer back so make sure that you included some sample, video …. whatever that you do

4 give more than you paid for,it’s not that difficult to give little more than you paid for, it won’t take all your time! but it will have huge impact on your future with new buyer,on your rating feedback, ON your reputation, it’ll make you more professional though.
also ask the buyer when before you deliver the order if they have anything ales.

good luck with your first sell, hope it was beneficial for you guys
best regard

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Guest webexpert1313

Thanks for sharing your information. Its really valuable for every sellers. Hope you will get level-2 soon 🙂 Thanks

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