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  1. Then to rank for the search results related to my gig? Is it about the level of seller you’re?
  2. Hi guys How can I improve my gigs impression?? Does posting in forum help??
  3. Answering to this question is never black and white. It all depends on how your approach your buyers.
  4. Hi everyone I’m Asher Kabir, once I was level 1 user at fiverr but I’ve been away for a while and now I’m returning to the plateform. I offer keywords research, shopify and google reviews gigs. My sole preference has always been to work with the satisfaction of buyers.
  5. Hi My overall rating was 5 before I had made a mistake due to which it fell down to 4.7 because I could not deliver one order at a time. Now I’ve deliver a new order with 5 stars rating, my my overall rating has not shown any improvement at all. Why is it so? Are there any factors that I have yet to know?
  6. So, if you only delivered 1 order within the past 2 months and that one was late, I fear the stat is correct. Then what about after 60 days?
  7. Only one of my orders got late unfortunately and I got my stats for “delivered on time” equals to zero. why is it so? I think a percentage of total deliveries should have been subtracted from my score, but fiverr has given me 0 mark.
  8. There’s a serious problem with Fiverr’s response calculation system. Even though I replied every query I got with exception of a few I reported, I response rate has fallen to 75% only. It means reporting someone counts for nothing.
  9. I’ve tried them by my own and even did advertisement at facebook but all that ended to smoke.
  10. Though I’m a level one seller but pretty down and out as I’ve not been getting orders for a last couple of months at all.
  11. I usually tell them to be professional but yet they keep messing around.
  12. I’ve getting a lots of messages from other sellers who are asking to buy their services. Although I can reject them but replying everyone is not easy at times. If i don’t reply them or delete their messages, my response rate gets down. How to fix this issue?
  13. Nice You’ve made me think again and take a look at my weaknesses and all lope holes hindering me from success. Actually identification of a problem is the most crucial step that takes time to pick and then finding a way to get around the one.
  14. Wowww that’s really wonderful. I’ve been struggling over the year now and maybe your blog could help me to get things going in an improved way. Don’t forget to share link with us once you are done.
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