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Invest your earnings


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So, you’ve made a bit of money on fiverr, that’s great news! Now you can go out and buy that hutzler banana slicer, or that acre of moon land you always dreamt of. STAHP! Slow down fella. Invest the money back into your business. Time is money my friends and if you can make your gigs easier or better for less effort down the line then that’s a good thing! If you do voice overs, invest in a bit more sound proofing or a better pair of headphones, a graphics designer might benefit from a tablet or a higher quality mouse. To you budding testimonial guys and girls, is your mic good enough? A white backdrop might look snazzy right? Put your money to good use now and invest in the future of your business. You can easily turn that first hundred into your first thousand. Happy selling fiverr!

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