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New Seller Introduction - Custom Snapchat Geotags | Critique me!


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Hey Everyone! I’m new here and just created my first gig. I’m a highly skilled photoshop designer here to provide a snapchat custom geotag solution.

Is your community, event or business missing something? Need a new marketing campaign? Better social media presence?
Theres no easier, better way to spice up your event, or gain publicity than a custom Snapchat geofilter.

Snapchat users check their snapchat dozens of times a day, and many people use it every day to put on their “stories” for all of their friends to see! Imagine if these stories had your branding/event on it? Instant publicity!

I’m here to cater to anyone who wants a geotag, but specifically small businesses and events which cater to younger people (under ~25). Go ahead and critique my gig! and order 😉

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Okay… So let me start by saying I am WAY over 25 =)

But this is one of the best gigs I have seen in a while. Original, well designed and written, and provides a unique service. I didn’t know people could submit their own Snapchat filters before I saw this, it’s really cool.

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