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Golden Gigs!


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Don’t need special skills? Can be completed in 10 minutes?
Ans: Dreaming to be a millionare 😃
This don’t need any special skills.
Competition is tough man. There might be such gigs but if one need something that is easy and can be done in 10 minutes, he will do it himself rather than ordering a gig.

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What you need is “The Golden Goose Gig” or TRIP-G as we in the business call it.
This secret type of gig is great because:

  • You don’t need any Special Skills
  • Can be completed in 10 minutes
  • Best Selling Gigs (judging on how many people ask about making money by doing nothing, having no skill and no time to invest - the demand is out there)

The gig you sell them is the same gig - just tell them to do TRIP-G too.

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“I will draw an awful caricature of you that clearly took me 3 seconds”
“I will pretend to be an SEO expert like Faisal”
“I will copy and paste someone else’s article for you”
“I will flatter you”
“I will tell you how to swear in [my language]”
“I will tell you an interesting fact”
“I will call your boss and call him an a-hole”
“I will film a reaction video of me reacting to your video”
“I will breathe heavily for you”
“I will show you a picture of my best body part” [works better for the laydeez]
“I will sing tunelessly in the shower for you”
“I will sit in a bath full of food laughing manically at my own zaniness”
“I will make a testimonial video about how great your shitty product is”
“I will sit here and make a list of gigs that require no talent whatsoever”

Don’t you have an imagination OP? None of these will make you much money, as you don’t have any skills, which are generally required to make some decent money.


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Just how much are you going to bilk me for, you scammer? I will be sure to leave a posthumous rant about your scamming ways on the forum before I depart this cruel world. That’ll show you!

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Those are not Best Sellers either, so the people selling them often have to do more than one per gig which takes more than 10 minutes. What you want is to make money doing quick gigs. That can be done with skills and after you are established with lots of reviews. Starting out on high competition site, though, very unlikely in the early stages.

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