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Tips for finding the best Fiverr gigs


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Here are a few little things you should know about finding the best gigs on Fiverr.

> They aren’t all just $5
Some of the more high-quality items on Fiverr will charge you more by saying an item is worth multiple gigs. So if you find an amazing painter that takes 10 days to do some art it might cost you 10 gigs or $50.

> Watch the ETA
When you order a gig you’ll see that they have estimated times of delivery. Make sure you check that before you buy as you might get stuck without an image for a post or some other deadline.

> Contact them first
There is a contact button under the gig description for every item. Always contact the seller before you pay the money to make sure they are a good fit for your project.

> Shop around
Don’t just go with the first person that you find. Add a bunch of “maybes” to your favorite list and then work through and study the testimonials and work examples to come up with the best.

> Leave feedback and answer messages
Fiverr seems to reward responsiveness. If you plan on using it regularly make sure you reply to messages and leave feedback as quickly as possible. Puts you in good standing.

> Don’t get fake things done
One of the most popular categories on Fiverr at the moment is fake testimonials. This is where someone pretends to be your customer and reads out a raving review. Please don’t do this. It’s unethical and, in fact, quite illegal in some countries.

> Be careful
Don’t ever send money to anyone or give out personal contact details. It should go without saying but there is a reason sites like Fiverr ask you to do everything in a transparent and on-site way.

After a while you will get a sixth sense for spotting the better services. The best thing about it all is that if you buy a bad one you’ve only wasted $5.

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How is YOU issuing a warning to Buyers not to produce fake testimonial videos a “Tip for Finding the Best Fiverr Gigs”? You’ve implied that Fiverr Sellers that produce testimonials are not trustworthy; NOT true. We are character actors who produce exactly what Buyers request from us, which fulfills our professional and ethical obligation to them and to Fiverr.

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Hello, matureactress
Thank you for you comment, if you look and read the description of the gig you will understand that push customer to make a good Testimonials it’s not Warning like you said,
we are not producing to anyone to give us a fake review, we are a team of Experts in CPA and Clickbank we support our client 24/7 also after purchase

I think that your service needs to be more Professional and you Creative, Testimonials they should be personal and opinion of customers, not like what you provide on your profile

Best Regards
Excellent Deals Team

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I am still new to this site but what I noticed on how to tell “fake reviews” is that they are not attached to any gigs. For instance, I was looking for postcard design. The first person I chose, and paid for, had more positive reviews and a few mediocre to poor reviews. The positive reviews were not attached to any postcard designs, the mediocre to poor reviews did. After receiving my paid poor postcard design, I researched other postcard designers. I noticed the pattern that real reviews were attached to the gigs. What that seller did is to bring up their review points, they bought them to place up on their gigs.

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