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  1. I am no longer a “new buyer” but what I wish I would have known when I first started is a more quick introduction to the site such as contacting a seller first about my request to see if it what I was ordering was the correct services. You would think with all the graphic artists and video artists here on Fiverr they could have striked up a deal with someone!
  2. Thank you for posting this. There are some other keys to discovering a “fake seller.” Here are some I found: In their “gigs” you will see others with the same exact photos, and even video. (this occurred in a graphic design area I was searching in). Communication, emailing them, or their response to your post does not quite address what you are looking for. -> Example of a Post Request: “I am looking for a designer who can do a double sided, horizontal, 4"x6” postcard. I will include the photo and will need additional stock photos, graphics, and special fonts. Please respond with your estimated costs." -> Responses, and none included pricing: “See my gigs.” (Yes, that is all they wrote.) “I do this for you. Ratings good.” “I can do postcards.” -> Best and clear response: “Hello. I have reviewed your request. It looks like you are looking for postcard design with added creativity and style. I have two options of “basic fees” with added stock photos. Please see my gigs and contact me directly so we can discuss further and so I can get a clear picture of your needs. Thank you.” So yes, clear and concise communication is key. Gigs are not connected to gig. There are a few exceptions here where the gig cannot be connected to the gig but using the above example, such as a graphic designer, you should be able to see the work connected with the gig. 100% perfect rating with 100 plus reviews. Let’s face it. No one is perfect. We all have bad days and with this finicky society, I find it hard to believe that anyone has a PERFECT score. Yet, Fiverr has tons of sellers with this. Here is an example of my recent experience with someone that had 1200 plus top 5 star ratings: -> I received their work. I was satisfied with it. The seller sent a note a long with it. Well their note was sort of confusing and I did not quite understand what they were saying. So I wrote back “Could you explain your note a little more. I am confused.” The next thing I know, I am being cancelled and I received the following note with it “YOU are difficult person. I cancel YOU!” So after the initial shock of “What the hell did I do to get my job cancelled?” I realized that this seller must have had the experience that anyone who questions them will give them a less than 5 star review and cancelled me before any potential lower star rating could effect them. To me that is fake. If I were to say anything to sellers is that allow a bad review to happen. If it’s true to that person’s experience than so be it. A buyer can see through the bologna of bad ratings that are pointless and don’t really say much or have an unrealistic expectation to it. No one is perfect. I understand the ratings issue here on Fiverr but I also understand that you are human. I am not going judge you if you have a bad or average rating.
  3. mgjohn78 I agree. Just learning about this is how sellers are using the system to their advantage. I don’t think anyone is perfect of a 100% rating of 5 stars. I would expect someone who has a lot of gigs rated would not be a perfect 5 star.
  4. Been there. I am still having someone I gave a bad review to 3 weeks ago emails me every day with cryptic emails on how it’s hurting their business. I am up to 63 emails. Can I report this?
  5. I like reading bad to average reviews. I don’t think any seller is perfect and I want to see their possible flaws. Some bad reviews are just lame and can be thrown out because seriously people will complain about anything. Other bad reviews, you can look at and realize that maybe that person did not express their entire needs. Other bad reviews that maybe have a consistency will hold more ground. Here are a few consistent bad reviews I saw I on a seller’s site: “poor communication”, “didn’t read specifications”, “quality of work did not match gigs.” After my recent experience with a seller, they sent me their work with a note attached to it explaining a few things that I did not quite understand. I wrote back with the following question: “Would you clarify or perhaps give more details on what you mean? I am a little confused.” Their response was “YOU are being a difficult person. I cancel YOU!” This was from someone who had 500 plus positive reviews. So I realized that they must have thought I was going to be a difficult person and would give them a bad review, which initially I was not. Their work was fine. I did not have a problem with it. I just did not understand their note to me. But then I thought about it. With 500 plus positive reviews no one gave them an average or bad review? That is not possible with this finicky world we live in. We all have a bad day from time to time. No one is perfect. So now, I want to see that someone has a full spectrum of reviews. Feels like it is more honest.
  6. I thought I did, but I could be wrong. Here is a portion of what I wrote: “…for the front side add the same or similar font you used for The Beach Party flyer in a bright blue for the word YNGNFRSH.” If I am missing something here, than I’m good with that and will take responsibility and try to figure out what to do next time. I am the first to admit that I don’t know graphic design terms. I tried attaching the front of the postcard to this post which is the revision. Not sure if it’s showing but it was something that I could have done on vista print.
  7. Thank you for writing this. Definitely helpful. I wish I would have seen this about 4 days ago prior to my first order which was a complete disaster. What I learned from that experience was first I went to this forum and chose the “Seller” side and views. I wanted to see what they were talking about with regards to customers. It actually helped me a lot! Really see their side and figure out what went wrong with my transaction. I found a few things here in the buyer section too but what I discovered was that there are “fake sellers” here on Fiverr. Again, I am extremely new to this site and I should have done my homework prior but was so excited that I jumped in without knowing who I was choosing. With that said, your tip #3 needs an addition. Just because you see their work and like it, make certain that a review is attached to the photo so you can confirm that they did that work. In my case, I put out a request to do a postcard. I got several replies and chose one based off of their photos. What I did not realize is that the photos that had no reviews attached to them and were fake because the few reviews with attached photos were mediocre to bad. Any of the positive reviews must have been fake because there was no completed work attached to them. What I received was so bad that I was at first speechless than I felt like a fool. Additionally, communication should be key. Getting one word answers or not answering all the questions should be a red flag. After my bad order, I was questioning myself if I gave enough objective and subjective direction and I went back to review the communications. I was very clear and specific. I even gave specific examples of the flyers I liked and said “make it look a lot like that one.” It was all ignored for the initial and revised versions. Both emails responses from the seller took over 24 hours. When I gave up because I just realized that it’s not working out. I’m pulling teeth here, it’s wasting my time and energy, and this person is not the same person who did the graphics I liked. I told the seller after accepting the revision that I was unhappy to just keep the money. I got a cryptic message back that said “i keep you satisfied. rate me” So I did. After the 1 star review, suddenly there were perfectly well written emails trying to address the issue, 43 to be exact and all to expand the course of 3 hours. So my point is, feel comfortable with who you are talking to. If at any point they are not communicating well with you, end it. Thank you for reading.
  8. It’s been a couple of hours since I posted this, a total of 43 messages. Some are begging, anger, begging again, bewilderment and 12 with “hello.” I still have not replied. I feel like I am being stalked! I’m amazed at how well and fast she can communicate now.
  9. I have you beat. I am a new buyer here on Fiverr. After placing up a post request for some postcard design, I got a great message from a seller and their gigs were great so I chose her. After my purchase, I uploaded my photos, with the specifications, and some general notes on which flyers from their gig I like. Her response to all of that? “helo. hi” (yes, the misspelling et. al) The second email with revisions and notes and the response was an emoticon : / The third one was to say I was disappointed and to keep the $5. Her response “sorry need for you to be satisfied.” All took 24 hrs for a response. After I placed in the 1 star review, I have received over 18 emails (last counted) within a few minutes apart that are very clear and well written. 6 of them are just saying “hello” because clearly she can see that I am still online. As I am writing this, my notification just went off three times! I haven’t replied to her because seriously, I just want to cut my loses and sit in this corner and feel like the biggest fool for not understanding how to pick a good graphic designer!
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