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Is this review a mistake?


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Hello everyone!

I’ve just had my first ‘negative’ review since I started, it’s a 0.5 star review. I got it from a repeat customer, so I found that strange. Besides that, I had delivered it within 3 hours with perfect quality.

Now the weird thing is, this is her review text:

“2nd time I’ve used Mike - super speedy and efficient.”

Still it’s a 0.5 star review. That must be wrong, right?

She hasn’t responded to a message yet, but most of the time she responds a few days later, which will be too late.

Do you think Fiverr Customer Support will help me with this? I’ve messaged them… Waiting for response.

  • Mike
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Yes, it’s a mistake. CS will probably tell you to resolve it with your buyer. Your buyer may not know how to change their review and be too lazy to find out.

Still though. .5 is special! Ask seller if they would like to delete, show the “yes” response to CS. Seller can now re-review or everyone moves on with their life. Don’t worry–this is the only bad review on your gig and it’s positive! I might even leave it up (“I’m so bad I’m good”).

You have plenty of options, but in this case I’d just let it slide. Your only bad review for this gig is a good one?

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No response from her as of yet,

Well. I might just have to accept it, I’ve gotten a few 5/5 reviews after that and quite some new sales. So no problem. Just found it a bit weird.

Thanks for responding Emmaki! I love how active you are on the Forum, I always see your comments. Haha.

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