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How To Promote Your Services

Guest marcomaglioli

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Guest marcomaglioli

Have you got a lot of knowledge and skills but you can not find customers?

If you want to know how to increase your sales and get a good visibility, this is the topic for you.

Remember that before you reach a goal you have to work hard and consistently.

Here are 5 things to do to promote your services.

  1. Make a Credible Own Profile
    The first thing a buyer looks at is your profile and your description. The buyer is attracted to competent sellers and who know how to sell themselves. Then, enter your own professional pictures, possibly alone and with a single-color background. In the description write where you come from and what you do. Upload your own professional experiences and your education.

  2. Send Request To Buyers
    Fortunately Fiverr provides us a section for buyers request. In this section you can view buyer requests inclusive of shipping time and their budget. Click on “Send Offer” and send your offer to him/her. You can find this section by clicking on the upper right, next to your nickname. Scrolling, you will find the section “Selling” and you’ll find by clicking “Buyer Requests”.

  3. Promote Your Services Through Social Network
    You know, the social networks are the most used sites by citizens of the world. The possibilities that they offer us are many and there are so many ways to promote your services. First you should find the Social Network suitable for the type of service you offer. You can create a professional page, or share your services on dedicated groups. For example, I provide services for companies, so I share my services to groups where owners company, start-up are registered. Remember to be as professional as possible.

  4. Youtube Marketing
    Create an account on Youtube. Through videos the possibilities to achieve and retain new customers increased significantly. Make videos explaining what you do and shows the work you have already done!

  5. Login To Forums and Blogs
    Find forums and blogs that talk of your type of service. Study the market and see the prices of competitors. At the end register yourself in the community of forum and blog, share what you know and promote your services stating the link to access it.

I hope these tips can help new sellers and I hope that you will reach great profits!

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