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No orders since last One month


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Hello, Everyone !

I hope you are in good health and spirit. I need your help, Since last one month my account is not getting messages and my sales are totally down. I faced this issue when Fiverr is changing and making new look to the site. I have tried every possible way to boost my gigs but still not succeed. I contacted Customer Support but they told me my profile is ok.

Please check my gigs if you can and kindly advise me what’s wrong. Here is my profile link

favicon.icoFiverr.com dp.jpg

zeshan00's public profile on Fiverr

Hey Good to see you here :)I am Software Engineer over 5+ years. I have worked in many domains but I love programming, databases and now I am working as a senior developer for wordpress. What are you thinking for? let's have a sit and chat a bit :)


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First of all why are you using a Toprated Seller logo for your profile if you are a level 2. You are misleading your buyers. Did you check if your gigs are showing in search? Did you try buyer requests?

I would revise your profile introduction and take this sentence out “What are you thinking for? let’s have a sit and chat a bit :)”

Consider spending money and hire a writer to make your gig description more appealing since you are not a native speaker. I think it would help you down the road and catch the attention of buyers ;).

Best of luck.

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Guest ralucamath

Promote your gigs everyday, be professional and give your clients the opportunity to come back to you, be nice to them, offer them a gift, a special offer to come back to you. Change your photo profile… It misleads the buyer. Put a photo of yourself. Promote your gig on social media networks. 😃

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