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Some Useful tips for Newbies


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Hey there Baddison, don’t get discouraged.

I’ve been on Fiverr for 70 days and made Level 2 on Day 60.
I have almost 120 completed orders and almost 60 reviews. (Not everyone leaves one)

I never once worried about the other sellers.
I simply included Gigs that I was very comfortable with.

I haven’t done research on other Level 2 sellers or TRS.

We are all on our own journey and shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to other people’s successes. We each have our own skill sets and experience.

I just wanted to share that not everyone has a master plan.

And don’t be pessimistic, be optimistic.
It makes ALL the difference.

Best of luck. Not because you need it - but because if you work hard.
You deserve it.

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I think you should have include the more important thing communication skill as good saying “you can sell comb to bald”.
So, as a freelancer you need a great communication skill and secondly a great product to deliver with all its quality.
Ensure quality in your work because there are hundreds other doing the same more greatly then you. What make to different and great is the quality of your product.

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I get many things from Fiverr but some times you get some Buyers who were not Professional. Dear Friends i want to know is my fault or him?
I my all life i have heared news that THose services like teaching and virtual assistant job in which time is important not a quantity or product. and on that job I was IELTS trainer its gig for 5$ for 1 day.
but he was not online and not answering me to teach finally i sent many messages to him but he did not replied and in given time line of my delivery i sent one book whose worth was 20$ and after 20 Days he send me withdraw money at that time i was busy and finally he put negative feedback on my wall.
i send him several messages to him sorry and request him to ut back i will withdraw your money i ask 2 times fiver support center but they said only that buyer can do.
Now as a new seller i was very happy and i worked hard in fiver but now i lose my work and i am not able to get any new work.
my positive rating is 84% and i need 90% for more offers.
Dear friends please help me what can i do?

I really happy you you could help me

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I would also suggest to be “honest” and show what you really can offer . One of the worse thing is when the buyer expect something which is too much . During the years here I found that be honest saying " I can’t do that because it is out of my skills " is better than " oh my god , I got my first client , let’s try to do something " This will be good also for you and for your mental care … because if he/she isn’t satisfied with the delivery will ask for infinite changes and that can really ruin your mental care 🙂 and then if he won’t be happy will leave you a bad feedback that is the worse thing ever here in fiverr .
Then I often read tips about " perfectly write your description"… Well I want to say there is a future even for who hasn’t a perfect english , I’m Italian and my english is poor and my buyers perfectly know that . The description is important, I totally agree with that but I personally prefer keep my gig description basic and real as my english is. I don’t like that someone reads my gigs and thinks my english is perfect because then she/he will message me and my english will be as it really is … poor.
So to everyone who isn’t very skilled in english I would suggest : make sure your description makes sense and it is clear but don’t be too rich - sophisticated just be as you can . This will make you more coherent and at the end they will give you more trust 😉

Happy selling !

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These tips are really good and helpful for newbies and those who are in Fiverr for a long time.
Few additions from my experience too.
1.Be honest for your buyers and be professional in your all orders.That will keep them coming back.When you don’t have new orders from new buyers,you will surprisingly get multiple orders from returning buyers.

2.Use your gig extras wisely.When your basic gig is $5,it may sound too low for your work.But by using gig extras wisely,you can get some more work orders from the same buyer.Although your main gig earns you $5,with added extras,it can be at least $10 or $20 order.

This 2 tips help me to continue working on Fiverr.Hope you’ll find those as helpful together with above shared tips by others.

Good Luck!

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I think being honest, and hard working is key to success on Fiverr. Forget about numbers of reviews/ ratings- because sometimes they have been faked- instead, just do the best work you can- no matter if that is just one Gig per week, because eventually your reputation will improve and you will start to get tonnes of orders!

With regards to the cover image- why not try putting up an actual picture of yourself? It will not only draw attention to your Gig but will also suggest to buyers that you are a real person.

Keep your head held high, and I hope everything goes well for you! Above all, enjoy your Fiverr experience 🙂

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