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Some Useful tips for Newbies


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I welcome newbies on fiverr and wish them a good luck to be successful freelancers on fiverr.
Fiverr is the best platform for and individual where he or she can put their skills and earn money.

Mistakes of new Sellers:
They just copy paste the description of TRS or some good sellers
They keep the prices very high in Packages.
They pick a GIG image from google and put in their gig.
Category selection is not according to the title or vice versa
Tags are not properly defined.


  1. Do proper research before putting a gig. Read the description of some Great sellers, analyse the wording they have used and the way they attract the buyers attention through gig description.
  2. Then write your own description, Description should be Error Free, Use keywords in Description, Use keywords like FREE, REVISIONS etc, Just to grab the attention of the buyer.
  3. Create your own image for gig, If you are not expert in photoshop the Hire someone to do it for you, because a good image is one of the main thing to attract buyers and get orders.
  4. In gig Packages section, Keep your prices low, as you are a new seller. With the passage of time you can edit the prices in future.
  5. Select proper Tags for the gig. Use the tags which the buyer mostly searches. (For example, keep yourself in place of buyer and think what would you write to search for a specific thing.)
  6. Make all 7 gigs in start, you can make different gigs of same category with different title and description.

Hope you all will get these tips useful for you.
Best of luck
Thank you 🙂

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I do believe I’m guilty of the stock image for my cover. How original do I look with a notebook and a pen advertising my writing skills? Ha! I’m working on updating my cover image. I’m still getting the hang of Fiverr and so far I like it.

I do notice that I’m getting solicitors in my inbox asking me to visit their site and buy things. I click report, but the same person keeps returning even after I get the “this spammer will not be able to contact you” message.

I don’t copy the top rated sellers because I want to be found with my own keywords and not be swallowed by all the higher rated sellers. How could I compete? Hmm Top rated seller with 3k 5 star reviews or this new arrival with less than 10 reviews? Obvious choice. So I try to stay away from the popular crowd hoping somebody will find me based on my tags.

I’m a new fish in the pacific ocean sent from a tiny little fish tank. I wish all the newbies (including myself) the best of luck because we WILL need it. 🙂

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You can have a great service and also a great deal, but sometimes when there are a lot of sellers in our same fields then we need a bit of luck for somehow some good guy give you his/her trust for the job and place an order.

A good use of keywords at the begining, middle and end of your gig description is a basic and good idea. Also i saw that your gig in about writing, if you have a blog or something like that, you can use it like a live portfolio so people can see that you are a big deal and profesional in your area.

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I actually disagree with enabling all seven gigs, for a couple of reasons.

If they are all very different:
This runs the risk of making you look unprofessional. Yes, many people are multi-talented, but buyers are looking for an expert in what they need, not a dabbler in many areas. When I started on Fiverr, I had two writing gigs and a design gig. Despite getting orders on both, I disabled the writing gigs and got more offers all together after that. Having subsequently shopped around on Fiverr, I found myself more drawn to sellers who were clear specialists too.

If they are all very similar:
This is risky, because if you get orders on all of them you are spreading out your reviews and your gigs are traveling to the top of the page much more slowly. If you have one gig and get seven five-star reviews, that looks great; if you have seven gigs each with one review, a buyer finding one gig has very little to go on and might not look further.

Just my two cents 😉

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YAAAAAY! this article is specially for me …thanks for sharing and will definitely be in touch to get more awesome tips from U…

pls everyone am Jennifer and am new to Fiverr…show me some love with orders…I can convert your pictures or any picture to an organic painting…a trial will convince… you can view my gigs.

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I agree with you. But making multiple gigs is good, because any 1 of them can go in recommended section and then orders keep on increasing in recommended section. Not every gig gets orders. This is my personal experience, i made 15 gigs, and now i am getting most of my orders on only 1 gig.

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