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Some Useful tips for Newbies


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Hi there!!,

Thank you for giving us such a nice and helpful tips!!

We are web developers and we have few local clients who wants SEO work.

We want to place order of SEO work for our local clients.

Which information do you require for our website SEO work?

Iconicseo support team

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I do believe I’m guilty of the stock image for my cover. How original do I look with a notebook and a pen advertising my writing skills? Ha! I’m working on updating my cover image. I’m still getting the hang of Fiverr and so far I like it.

I do notice that I’m getting solicitors in my inbox asking me to visit their site and buy things. I click report, but the same person keeps returning even after I get the “this spammer will not be able to contact you” message.

I don’t copy the top rated sellers because I want to be found with my own keywords and not be swallowed by all the higher rated sellers. How could I compete? Hmm Top rated seller with 3k 5 star reviews or this new arrival with less than 10 reviews? Obvious choice. So I try to stay away from the popular crowd hoping somebody will find me based on my tags.

I’m a new fish in the pacific ocean sent from a tiny little fish tank. I wish all the newbies (including myself) the best of luck because we WILL need it. 🙂

Really useful tips, thanks a lot

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