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Question for you mystery and riddle lovers:


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Hi friends, kangaroos and hedgehogs,

Why has my head morphed into the shape of a big question mark?
There is no tip or suggestion I haven’t used…
Yet 7 gigs up and no orders for 6 months.
(except for a few orders of 1 specific gig, the only one I don’t love doing)

For those who like to solve riddles and mysteries, the 7 gigs are here:

Grateful in advance, for any ideas
Hugs, May 🙂

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Guest archanawpngfx

Same story here, but I have managed to get 5 sales in last 10 days by offering them extra bonus like 10% discount or increase in my service etc. I have made $73.6 so far since I registered (I registered 10 days ago).

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I researched this for the past hour on the forums, and it seems that there simply is no guarantee that a gig will show up in the search engine/ some gigs show up, others don’t, even some very successful ones don’t always show up.
In any case, I think most of mine do, just not all.
So they mystery continues… 🙂

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