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$108 in 24 days. It’s not much but it’s a good start


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I joined fiverr 24 days ago. I have so far earned $108 in 24 days and an additional of $30 which is not yet marked as complete. It is not much but its a good start
To succeed here, do the following

  1. Deliver your work on time
  2. Keep in touch with your clients. If it is a custom quote, let your buyer know where you have reached and what has remained
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good for you and congratulations! I’m going to check out your gigs now 🙂

I just can’t figure out, for the life of me, why I’m not getting orders, I did get a few for one gig, but for my other 6 - nothing. And it’s been MONTHS. I have done everything (all the tips on these forums), and my head has turned into the shape of a big question mark.


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