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Tips to Rise Up on Fiverr


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Hi everyone!

I am writing this post to share some tips that can help you maintain good relationship with your clients and rise up (if you are new on Fiverr). I believe these tips can help both experienced and new Sellers on Fiverr. It may be possible that you know these already. I will keep updating it further.

  1. Be Friendly: Always remember that a person on the other side i.e. a Buyer(or client) is a human. Therefore, communicate with him in a friendly way. Always start your conversation with a “Hi”. Be respectful but not like a machine. Avoid sentences like “I am writing this to inform you that…” instead inform the buyer in friendly, yet respectful, way.

  2. Don’t jump right away to the offer: This might be helpful for new sellers. Do not start discussing how much the client is willing to spend for a particular job. Instead, start by getting to the specifics related to the job. Once you are clear that this is everything you require to start the order, discuss the amount. Ask the buyer about their budget instead of stating yours.

  3. DO NOT cheat a Buyer: You will meet a buyer who is willing to pay more about a particular job because of either of the two reasons:
    a. He is new and want the work done quickly and professionally
    b. The other offers he received were so high that he believed this is the actual price of the job.

My suggestion is please do not take advantage of a buyer because any of the two thing can happen: The buyer can end up discussing the job with someone else who is doing the job for less, or find out that he/she paid way more than he/she should and then You will loose any chance of working with that buyer again.

  1. Be Willing To Work for Less: You will meet a Buyer who wants to get a job done but do not have much budget. Do not say no to this client. However, you can cut some additional features from your offer to meet the budget. This is specially helpful to those who are not full-time freelancers and have other source of income.

  2. Do not burden yourself with orders: Everyone likes the money flowing until it gets messy. Keep a fixed number that you think you can handle. I suggest you to work on as more as 3 orders together. Please note that this number can vary depending on your Gig type. So, please choose it accordingly.

  3. Have Patience: There is no shortcut here. Initially, you will find it difficult to find clients but do not loose hope. The first 5 clients are required to get you on the track of success.

  4. Order Cancellation: If you feel that the order is going against the discussed terms or the buyer wants something that you don’t deliver (or don’t want to deliver) then do not hesitate to cancel the order. Loosing some money is better than a bad review (specially if you are just starting).

I hope you will find these tips helpful. What are your thoughts about this? Please let me know in the comments.

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These are all very solid tips to really do well here on Fiverr.

You gotta treat this as a business, so you have to have the most amazing customer service.

By treating this as a business, you will understand that the buyers are the most important part of being here. Your sole mission should to make sure they are satisfied 100%

Be transparent, communicate with the buyer every step of the way. Let them know what they can expect, and make it easy to work with you.

Follow all this, and it’s the recipe to being successful.

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Thank you nzrajput, those were some really helpful tips for all levels of sellers. I have the impression that the most important tip for rising up on fiverr is the good combination of being a professional who is kind and who does not underestimate the byuer’s power and who truly cares about fulfilling the buyer’s “wishes” as well. 🙂

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Great tips, nzrajput. I agree with all that you’ve said. I think one of the best things has been to just be honest with buyers and potential buyers. If someone sends an inquiry, be honest about whether you can do it and about the cost. I’ve had multiple repeat customers, many of whom have stuck with me because of the relationship that we’ve forged, as well as delivering a product that they liked.

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