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Ghosts of Forum Past


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Since quite a few necro-threads have been resurfacing, the moderation team is actively trying to close/archive/resolve many, starting with 2012 when Fiverr first had a forum!

Some of the posts are fun, some are reminders of how much has changed, others of how many things are the same for our newest community members! Although many of these are no longer open to new comments, I thought it might be interesting to start a new thread and list some of these!

Feel free to comment on them here if you wish. I’ll try to find some that are funny, interesting, factual, historical or examples of gigs of the past! If I can find them, I’ll go for some by past & present staff, buyers, sellers of all levels and “old newbies”!

Here are some to start:

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What's your favorite beer? [ARCHIVED]

I'd have to say... lh5.googleusercontent.com/-DAgFIp86s5o/TYExS0-oAzI/AAAAAAAAAVY/dwmsrjNwei4/guinness2.jpg

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What shows on TV do you enjoy [TRUNCATED] [ARCHIVED]

Currently, Once Upon a Time on ABC is one of the only shows I watch on "TV". When "Touch" (FOX) starts I'll watch that too. My favorite character is JEFFERSON & Henry Mills. I'm in a fan fiction group and play Dr. Archie Hopper & Henry Mills. ...

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Ugh. What's Your Best Fiverr Horror Story. And By Best I Mean Worst. [ARCHIVED]

So. What is your worst experience as a seller on Fiverr. But that's not all. After telling your horror story, how did you resolve it? And did you get a fairytale ending? Mine? Well, I'm into Social Marketing, Facebook pages mainly. My spin on...

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