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Separate Order Notifications AFTER Delivering an order

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Being a top-rated seller, i deliver a TON of orders daily - weekly… my biggest problem is the notification system.

ONE NOTIFICATION feed for order placed, order updated, order updated again, order complete… in my feed this is INSANE and i constantly have pages and pages and pages… i’d have to be on here 24/7 to keep up… i’m not exaggerating!

In every delivery order at the end, i write - "if you are not happy with the delivered product or have issues with it, please click the REJECT button so i can give you my immediate attention…"

Even though, i don’t get many problem orders often, still i’m human and make mistakes 😮

I swear, 99% of Fiverr buyers are afraid to click the REJECT button!!!

Instead they just send a message back in the order stating the issue - most times i don’t see it and that leads to a negative rating 😦 which then i see IMMEDIATELY and then go back to do damage control mode; which most times leads to be fixed and positive again - but pain in butt!

ALSO, many times an order automatically “COMPLETES” prior to the buyer reviewing it, so they can’t hit ‘reject’ so they just negatively rate immediately without hesitation… again i IMMEDIATELY go into damage control mode…

I don’t know how they could code for the site to do this.

I love and am blessed with how much Fiverr brings me (praise!!!); I work my butt off on here to be AWESOME and 100% but there are times i just want to tear my hair out 😦

PS. if you’re not a top rated or high volume seller… this is prob not an are you’d want to comment on… as you just don’t understand… i hope you feel this pain one day - keep working hard! hee hee… 😉

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Guest marsch001

I am not a top rated seller, but often one person has to order several gigs at once to cover their order. It can easily make a mess, especially as I can’t rely on Fiverr’s sale area to keep track of delivered orders etc, because it often takes a while to catch up. And even when it does it can revert back if you go to Revenues and then back to Manage. Having a separate and better notifications would be good. For instance, unless I have dismissed “an order update” or if it is on another gig than previously, I don’t need seven messages telling me the buyer has 'updated" - especially as, in my case, the gigs are often used as our main conversation area, rather than the Inbox.

So I agree, and I can only imagine you have it much worse. I too use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of things, and if there is a lot, I also write it down on paper, where I cross things off as they are done. It works for me now.

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