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Like Getting Paid? - Payoneer's New Feature


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Fiverr Community,

Just taking a quick minute to share a new observation.

All Fiverr sellers who usually make withdrawals to Payoneer, then withdraw from there using your Payoneer card via an ATM, there’s a new feature that was added from the Payoneer team.

You can now withdraw from your Payoneer account directly to your local bank account. If you log into their website, you will see the new withdraw option beside the “receive” tab, and a subcategory - “To Bank Account”.

So - you may be able to escape some charges, seeing most ATM withdrawals are limited by small sums of cash, with fees the size of ‘planets’ per transaction.

Have Fun, Spend Wisely and Have a great day!

✩ Speedy876 ✩

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I saw this new feature by pa yoneer too but thought I bet the fees are high! I’ve done so many withdrawals with pa yoneer over the years and it becomes tiresome to go to ATM’s all the time.

It dawned on my why I was wasting all this time and paying all these fees when I can simply do a pp withdrawal to my bank account with fees way less than pa yoneer.

So that what I did on my last withdrawal and it’s in my bank account and it makes budgeting so much easier too.

Just my thoughts.

Murray / Creativeman

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Same story here @creativeman. The ATM fees are ridiculous after calculating a few thousand dollars worth of withdrawals. Someone reported that it’s just 2% per withdrawal directly to the bank account with this new method, but we’re yet to try. Definitely giving it a shot though. Bank Withdrawals so far seem to be the least painful method regarding the fees.

If you also try it out soon, please report the details. Would be greatly appreciated.


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Sounds great. Please share your experience using this new method here when you’ve done so. Quite a lot of sellers are still awaiting feedback. So far, it appears to take 3-7 days according to word of mouth, but definitely cheaper than some of the other methods.


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