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Reminder about Posting on the Forum


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It has been suggested that I add a reminder here about what we hope to use the forum for. While it is a fine place for Fiverr-related discussion and that does include positive and negative feedback, some venting/ranting in the Ranting Pot and some chit-chat in Conversations, it isn’t the best place for just anything. The forum rules need a little updating, but the essence is the same even so. Here is an excerpt to keep in mind when choosing how to word your posts and responses:

"Do keep all posts respectful, constructive and concise so that all visitors can enjoy and benefit from the discussions. This also makes it easier for us to collect feedback – both positive and negative.

All posts: containing abusive language, with derogatory name calling or that negatively calls out another user will be removed. Any violation of this will result in the removal of the comment or discussion and may result in the removal of the responsible member from the forum."

We do try to leave up posts that have useful information even if they sometimes go on tangents. Name-calling or bashing other users, Fiverr, Customer Support, or the community in general is not a good way to handle issues. Sometimes emotions get things going and posts get heated. Not all admins or moderators are going to manage posts in the same way, since we are human too. Some posts may be temporarily moved for review and in other cases posts are permanently removed depending on the issue. Thank you for helping keep the forum a place where undue distress isn’t caused for forum readers. We hope this helps to answer any questions about why moderation is handled the way it is.

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