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Guest blogging for traffic [ARCHIVED]


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It’s a well-known fact that links are a substantial factor in search engine ranking. Quality links help to strengthen your web pages which increases your search engine position and exposure. This will help you get more traffic directly to your Gig page which will ultimately bring you more sales.

One great way to get quality links to your site is to guest post on blogs. When done correctly, these type of links can really help give your pages a boost in search position.

For Best Results:

  1. Create text relating to your service industry, work in a nice anchor link back to your gig page on Fiverr. Remember - the point is to build the rank of your gig page, not only to get new visitors to your Fiverr Gig page so your post doesn’t have to be sales oriented, but it should be interesting for readers of the blog.

  2. Make sure to seek out quality blogs with high page rankings. You can use tools like SEOquake, to check blog rankings. Focus on linking to one Gig page per post. Careful not to make too many links (2-3 max depending on length). If you do post that link more than once, change the anchor text a bit so that you don’t always use the exact same keyword or phrase every time - mix it up.

  3. Avoid posting identical content on different posts, if you do plan to write something similar, try to give each one a unique or revised element.

Where do I start?
There are sites that connect writers to bloggers who are looking for content to add to their sites. Do some searching to find some of these if you need an easy start!

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