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Should I increase my gig price?


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I have a watercolor cats gig, where I make a 2x3 inch watercolor of the client’s cat and send it to them. I’m currently charging $1.60 for shipping and $5 for the gig itself.

I’m spending 2 to 3 hours per cat. Now that I’ve reached level one, I would like to up my price to $10 but I’m afraid of scaring off customers. Should I just take what I get and consider it a plus that I’m earning money at all?

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I was really scared when I first raised my price, but my regular/repeating customers
understood. As long as you have good quality work, people will always come back.
It is true that some people might walk away, but there are always other buyers who
appreciate good quality work and would be willing to pay. What you can do is give a pencil line drawing for the basic $5, $10 for the color, $15 for the background included, something like that.
Also when I raised my price, I edited my gig description at the very top, I think I wrote something like UPDATE!! PRICE HAS BEEN CHANGED
Hope this helps! 😃

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