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Did anyone notice a Buyer Request update?


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Today I just checked the buyer request section and I found that Fiverr updated it and I don’t think this is the Good One. This time, they just hide the Buyer info. I mean that might be an important part for many reasons.

Some of them are

  • If we know that buyer is from which country then we might bid the best price according to their currency. That is the important factor as if we bid on some project from the buyer of Vietnam (just example) and if we bid like $100 then we might loose that client as it costs buyer approx 22 Lac Dongs. Similar we might get more funds from some reach country like Kuwait 😉

  • In many cases when the buyer comes to you by searching your gigs and we have discussed the things with the buyer. And that same buyer put their request and now as we don’t know the name of the buyer so we will bid on that project. And we will just waste our bid in this case as we can directly discuss the stuff with the buyer without even bidding on the request.

What do you think on this?


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I’m completely agree. The buyer name is important for detect if this was an old buyer yours or it was a buyer that caused you cancellation because is not a good person.
Also, the date… Why they have removed the date?? I can’t understand Fiverr in these kind of updates…

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I am only back on fiverr a few days after not being on for months, so I am not familiar with all the updates, etc.
However, I wrote a post, that for some reason disappeared when I tried posting it to the wall, regarding what felt like an arbitrary price sent, during a conversation with someone about editing a theme I’m going to purchase for a membership site. I got submissions from $100 to $1000. The lowest quote came from a person I has a previous conversation with regarding this, where the quote was $600.

So, it seems that if your origin is withheld, it makes sense in part.
Fiverr is very much hit or miss, in from my personal perspective, as a buyer. Especially given the time you take to filter through, communicate in serious detail, only to have the work be late (as in my current first order on fiverr back on fiverr two days now).

If only we could have interactions with well meaning buyers and sellers.

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Yes, I too think removing the date was completely unnecessary. As a new seller, bidding is probably the only way we’ll get initial sales. With only 10 requests per day, it doesn’t really make sense to bid on a gig that is weeks or maybe even months old. I really hope Fiverr brings it back.

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I’ve also had it many times before where you get a message back after submitting a buyer request and you cannot remember how much you’ve offered. So I’ve started copying to a notepad file the amount, the message and username so I can identify later.

I know this sounds really silly, but I want to stay consistant in my communications. Otherwise it puts the buyer off going for you.

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I have the same problem and messaged support today saying:


Recently I have noticed that the buyer requests sections has some new improvements.
One of them is that ow the buyer’s name is hidden.

The problem I have now is the fallowing: I send out an offer to a request with a message. Two days later that buyer replies to my message but I have no idea who he/she is, what I told him, what offer (value) I’ve sent him and so on.

Before I used to just search trough the “offers send” section and see all the details.

Can you bring back this feature of as hiding the user’s name does not bring any privacy to the buyer as us sellers.

** As an example today I got a message from a user I never had conversed with before who is asking me to develop on the idea I presented to him. As he could be anyone of the 604 custom offers I’ve sent there is no way of knowing. This makes me look 100% unprofessional now that I seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about. **

**Another example is that recently I had a customer accept a custom offer that was 1 month old. When accepting these offers, buyers do not need to go trough the gig questions I have set up and they assume I know all the details from the requests. The problem is that I don’t know which request the order is in reference to. **

I’m very sure other sellers have this problem as well.

Thank you,

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