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Tips to become a level 1 seller


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My name is Anupa and I am an Graphic Designer. I love Graphic designs and have great 3 year Experience in this field,
and i am working in a Studio as a Graphic designer
But Unfortunately i’am new to Fiverr,but that doesn’t mean i am new to graphic design field.so getting a order is not easy,
because everyone needs a rated seller.

my gig link:https://www.fiverr.com/anupa601/do-any-photoshop-work-for-you?funnel=3352e325-33d6-443f-bf6f-0f5c65fdd052

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Welcome on fiverr
Its not about rating on fiverr. Its about skills and potential, fiverr is that special platform where hard work and quality pays.

Never loose hope and try to give something more than your potential. You’ll win.

There are sellers who left fiverr being with a batch.

Keep trying and good luck. 🙂

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Photoshop is a very crowded service on and off Fiverr. You could either see this as a negative thing or see the positive side. Please see below:

  1. Search on Fiverr for Photoshop, this will show you all the Photoshop listings.
  2. Look at the gig photos for the popular and also the new photoshop gigs.
  3. Click onto the links in order to see the gig descriptions.
  4. Be inspired!

From here, you can make your gig stand out from the crowd.

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