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Is this this a marketplace ? Harassing about Fund withdrawal. Help me [ARCHIVED]


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Hi there,
When I was going to withdrawal fund then it was showing “Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for this account. Our team is working hard on getting this fixed as soon as possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience.”

#1 Then contacted with Fiverr Customer Support ( #1212710). Then asked 45 to solve this issue. I contacted with them again after 45 days. They want some to prove my ownership. I provided all information. After that they want my recent selfie with my national ID. I provided that. After that they didn’t give any answer since more than 20 days.

#2 Then created another support ticket (#1233753) to withdrawal fund. Then asked the same information and I provided again. After they again didn’t give any answer.

#3 Yesterday I created 3rd ticket ( #1234971) and happened the same thing like as before.

Actually I’m in need to meet my live. So, Trying hard to withdraw my revenue. But they are giving me some unexpected, embarrassing experienced.

Looking for help

Attaching 1st ticket #1212710 screenshot.

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CS does not use the forum directly so the ticket numbers are not useful. You also shouldn’t try again to post screenshots of a ticket related to finances on the public forum. What you described is very typical for any situation where Fiverr has started an investigation on your account. Once they receive your documents, it isn’t unusual for them to need another 45 days to get international verification.

The support page has a warning to tell you not to open more tickets. You made a 2nd one way too soon. Then you apparently created a 3rd ticket. You’ve probably caused your wait time to double or triple so far. You will have to now be double or triple patient to even have a chance at getting your funds. Good luck.

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I’m really helpless.

You are telling me waiting for more 45 days… CS can easily identify me within 1 or 2 or 24 hours. You also know this.

When I saw, Nobody are not responding me then I created 2nd one… then happened the same thing again & again.

Would you please tell me, how can I tolerate this.As a human, I need money to meet my live. And I need now more because I was some planing to my better study. But times will not wait for me.

I think, I will loss the last for the higher education

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First, I don’t know at all how long it could take to verify you. I’m not saying you personally aren’t honest, but some sellers are not and have tried to fake the proof. It’s too bad since it adds to the problem. Multiple tickets adds to it also.

Second, when you operate a business, it’s risky. I do feel for you. I’ve been flat broke before and in terrible circumstances. I needed money to just feed my family. My first $4 on Fiverr went for groceries. I can’t tell you how to tolerate it - we each figure that out.

I can tell you that as a business owner, I started saving part of my earnings as soon as I could because things go wrong. Fiverr or any other freelance platform is never a guarantee. Good luck.

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