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Hey Guys!

We’ve been reading your feedback about the response time of our customer support team and wanted to take a moment to address some of these issues.

Before I get into, I just want to share that our community is growing exponentially! So let’s take a second to welcome all the new comers – “Welcome, guys!” 🙂

With this rapid growth, we’ve seen an increase in the number of support tickets and our Support team is working hard to get to each of them so you may have noticed an increase in response time.

In order to keep things timely and streamlined, we want to remind you about a few tricks that might help you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

1) Answers at Your Fingertips

You can get answers really quickly on our Knowledge Base. We have a wide variety of questions already answered for quick reference. If you still can’t find the answer you need, feel free to open a support ticket.

2) Choose The Correct Category

When submitting a support ticket it is very important to select the most appropriate category on the feedback form. This way our Support team can review your request and get back to you as fast as possible without having your ticket bounce around from category to category! (Sure we like pinball, but we want your tickets to take the most direct route.)

3) One Ticket

Please remember, one ticket is all you need. We promise to get in touch once you submit a ticket. Your experience on Fiverr is very important to us here at HQ and we are working hard to respond as quickly as possible. If you suspect your ticket did not make it, you can check the status by logging in here and clicking “Check your existing requests”.

You can also add any new issues to an existing ticket by clicking the same link and continuing to the current ticket conversation. There you can track your issues as well as our responses. All of your concerns wrapped up in one tidy support request.

4) Mutual Cancellations

Guess what else… mutual cancellations can be done without Customer Support. You can do it yourself and it still won’t affect your ratings*. Find out how here.

The most important thing to our team is you – our community.

Our highest priority is to answer your concerns. We are taking several measures to improve response time and continue to respond your requests in a timely manner. Thank you, for the patience and understanding, as we continue tweaking to make things run that much better for you.

  • To answer your question: Mutual cancellations can impact Level status, but so do cancellations through the support team.
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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I posted this on that thread… but after 10h it’s still waiting for moderator to publish it!!!

Mutual Cancellations won’t affect our ratings, but what about levels award?
Can we lost our levels or be prevented to advance if we have too many mutual cancellations?
I have 30 cancellations, 90% asked because buyers bought as a result of wrong click or asking things I cannot do for them (as clearly stated in my gigs description… but quite noone read them…) or because of “incomplete orders” remaining there for a long period without buyers answer… so, can this affect my levels?
This is a question I saw many many times inside forum…

Now I see that here on forum @madmoo and others are asking same thing... good, I don't feel alone :D
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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: well, my question was trying to let them understand that current policy about cancellations should (IMHO) revised.

I know they answered, but they didn’t give us numbers, percentages, cases… just a concept, do you get what I mean?

How many times did you read in this forum people complaining about cancelled orders? Come on, if a buyer wrongly hits order and then asks for mutual cancellation I cannot have a penalty for this.

If buyer order something I clearly say in my description I can’t provide, I’m in the need to cancel this order.

If I have MANY incomplete orders (even after writing buyers without an answer) it’s not my fault…

This is definitely wrong and this should be changed…

Just something to discuss on… what do you think?

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: sounds weird, but my mutual cancellations went down when I added [Contact me before order] in my gig title!!! I don’t like it, really I don’t; but some mate here on forum suggested it and I tried… it looks like a punch in the face, but definitely works!!!

Then, in another post, people was discussing about this (my header) and some buyer was stating that he don’t order when finds such an header (so I’m not alone with this I think)… and I’m sorry for this… but somehow I had to defend myself from undesired orders…

Honestly, if Fiverr changes policy about cancellations, I will remove that tag from my title 😃

Just to let you understand more: I say i cannot develop websites… do I have to tell you how many buyers ask me for websites development every day? 😉

Well, the good part of this is… buyers are watching my gig!!! 😃

And I answer everybody that I hope to work with him/her to some other project… maybe it works…

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I’m not a big fan of talking numbers because there’s no reason to think there aren’t “different policy implementation” for different people for DIFFERENT (and I might add justifiable) reasons (and of course unjust ones too?)

I was going to share some numbers, but I decided against it. I’m just not comfortable with that.

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I can see why you’re loved. I just checked out your gigs.

And to clarify. I did not mean ‘individual’ but yet “collectively/individual” for example, gigs about “social media likes” may have a lower tolerance set. And they may not “set it” until it’s known that’s what the gig is…

All this does assume a level of “functionality” and customization that may well NOT be anywhere in the “programming” and may be very manual, as well. In which case, it’s not “a number” at all but "a feeling"

I like your gigs. You do have a good sense of branding. I might have an idea or two on how we can JV, if it fleshes out in my mind, would you mind a direct message to that effect?

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Glad to see how you are addressing the issues and making us aware of the situation.

I would like to make one point though and that is about the quality of the replies to our tickets.

I’ll use my own recent example.

I lost my level 1 & 2 within 60 seconds of each other for no viable or creditable reason. I sent in a ticket and then awaited my response (which turned out to be 8ish days). Luckily, after 1 week my level was restored.

Now coming onto my point. About 2 days after my level got restored I got a reply to my ticket simply saying

"Sorry about the delay. I have checked on your account and it appears that your level status is currently listed as Level 2"

Now to me, that is fairly pitiful. In my ticket I stated that if this was an error then it was not a problem, but I would like to know WHY this had happened and IF it could happen again. Also, from this reply, it was apparent that it was not changed or changed back manually, meaning it was a glitch in the system. So this should be explained to me and at least a simple apology for the problem.

I got none of this. No sorry, no explanation, nothing.

Now, I have to potentially wait at least another 7 days to get a further reply as to why this actually happened.

So to sum up my point, Customer Service have a hard job to do, no-one is doubting that. But they have to uphold their own end and provide good, quality replies.


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Reply to @vedmak: Aye but I won’t get used to it!

Its probably more along the lines that they are trying to deal with the fluctuation of tickets and sending standard answers is just easier rather than really dealing with a persons problem.

The fact that I waited 8 days to get a 10 word response is pretty appalling. This is something they are going to have to try and work on.

The way I see it is that if they give a poor response like the one they gave me, then they are just going to have to answer further questions that I have. I have replied to them saying that I would like an explanation and more in depth reasoning as to the occurrence of my situation. If I got a decent reply first time around, then there would be no extra hassle. But they are just making more work for themselves by providing flaky replies.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just submitted a new ticket @ support and got this message:

"We are currently experiencing a high volume of service requests, resulting

in longer than usual response time. Please be patient, and we will get to

your request. we work 24/7 every reply is by a real person no automated


Hmmmmmmmm … lets see how long it takes. (level 2 seller)

EDIT: WOW! One hour response! That is FANTASTIC fiverr support! Reminds me of the “good old days” LOL!

If support has questions that are asked all the time it should go to the FAQs instead of a "canned" response!

WHERE you ask is the "FAQ" - GOOD QUESTION - it disappeared!
It surely helps and eliminates a LOT of confusion so WHY did it disappear???
And the "cancellations policy" to me only ignites their whole "policy" thing anyway!

WHY did I get this "action"? Because it's against our "policy".
Oh, WHERE is that "policy" published? We do not discuss these things.


fiverr is MUCH, MUCH too vague in their "policies" where they SHOULD be MUCH, MUCH more transparent if they are interested in growing as they say they are.

They try to HIDE way too much that should be PUBLIC information!
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WHY is the FAQs BURIED somewhere to dig out instead of a link to it on the page menu

where it SHOULD BE???

And LOOK, TWENTY THREE FAQs. WOW that should do it right? = NOT even close!

Frequently Asked Questions»

Buyer FAQ (7) »

Seller FAQ (10) »

Collections FAQ (6) »

FAQs are always a work in progress ESPECIALLY for bigger sites with more traffic.

The "policies" I am referring to are NOT on that page and NOT public information as they SHOULD be!
The policies that are there are random depending on who interprets and responds to them.
And don't even get me started on their SE algorithms!

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Guess what else… mutual cancellations can be done without Customer Support . You can do it yourself and it still won’t affect your ratings*.

  • To answer your question: Mutual cancellations can impact Level status, but so do cancellations through the support team.

    What’s WRONG with this picture LOL! ???
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