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  1. Order clock keep running after delivery, I even re-deliver whole thing but click still running
  2. It’s ok to accidentally click it, but notification will save the day if you read it before click ok
  3. Fiverr.com Fiverr's Terms of ServiceOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. You said: Whether or not the buyer is responsive, there are tools in place to deal with this (see below). Delivering a blank file is a terrible idea that can very easily backfire, and if it does, you will have little support. You agreed to the terms of service, remember–now this is violating them! Your post is very bad advice and should not be followed. While it may have worked for you thus far, the correct course of action is to try and communicate with the buyer and follow up with the resolution center if they are unresponsive (or worse). Customer Support will cancel the order if necessary due to unresponsiveness and other issues where, say, a buyer gets weird and hostile. thanks for info, i was looking for this
  4. Him - "My friend is in hospital after a huge accident, can you please do this logo for free?" I guessed it’s some kind a get well soon animation or kind a thing So i asked him to send details as if its a get well soon design, i will do it for free Next day he send me a highly detailed logo sketch about a pet clinic 😂
  5. What will happen if buyers mark orders as late? while this happen
  6. I can’t upload or i can’t tell buyers that i can’t upload because of a error as inbox also not working And my response rate will go down as there is many unread messages right now
  7. What kind a work you did for him? Report him to CS and then they will take a action against him Wait few months and publish your free given work on internet, With your story That way that buyer will learn his lesson too 🙂
  8. Send him a one last msg and report his last msg Now he can’t send any more msg’s Now he have to start order
  9. many other sites got that option. Please add it here too. So we can select what amount we like to receive end of month. It make it easy to both of us
  10. 1500+ buyers forget to rate me and i don’t really care about it… Maybe they are using mobiles to browse around
  11. Reply to @mrspanda: Paypal directly contact us Or they ask fiverr team?
  12. I like it too 🙂 but it will make database too slow Also they will have to backup every single day
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