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How you rate FIVERR conversation system?


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Hi! Hope you will be fine as i am also fine. I want to discuss on fiverr conversations.
There should be a chat like system for the online buyer and seller. As it will be easy and fast to communicate with each other. The current system is nice but not as standard of FIVERR, so i think there should be improvements in conversations.
There should be a chat box. Also, there should be conversation END option. So, that we keep safe from SPAM. And that could not affect the response rate 🙂
The more better the conversation will be, the more buyer and seller understand.

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Am I the only one who understands that Fiverr works when people MAKE ORDERS instead of communicating needlessly?

Seriously people, how hard is it to write: “I need a logo featuring the God of War (Mars) riding in a unicorn with an AK-47.” Is that so hard to write? No, it’s not.

Chat box? I get enough messages as it is, I don’t need more. You want to chat? Open an account on Plenty of Fish and chat all day long. Fiverr is for BUSINESS. We’re here to get orders. We’re not here to chat.

OK, we can chat on the forum, that’s it.

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