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Sellers who use the postage option


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I’ve just made a new gig today which for the first time utilizes the postage option.

Unfortunately the maximum it seems I can use for postage (in the postage section) is $8, which doesn’t really work for me, as it’s more than that to post what I have to most countries in the world (and this is not something that is aimed at the Australian market where I’m from) It has a drop down option for extra items, but the most that it can add is $1.60. It only seems to let me choose one country rather than anywhere.

So I have some questions. I figured I may get my answers quicker here rather than through customer support. Maybe, maybe not. So here goes.

1/ Does fiverr take a 20% cut out of that $8 shipping fee?

2/ Can the postage amount be higher than $8 in the postage section? Ie a custom amount depending on where people are from and what they are ordering? I’ve currently done a work around which says to contact me before buying with regards to the shipping so I can add the cost as an extra but yeah, I’d rather it be easier than that if possible.

Any thoughts?

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