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or keep it simple stupid as a former journalism lecturer once said to me!

Hi I’m new to the forum having just got my level one seller status today and been invited to post here. So forgive me if I’m re-treading old ground.

These are my tips to success. I guess they can be a microcosm of success in life generally and not just Fiverr too.

  1. respond quickly
  2. underpromise/overdeliver - this gives your customer the best of both worlds
  3. communicate simply and as often the customer desires - think how do they feel not why won’t they talk to me
  4. provide added value - always try to give something they weren’t expecting - for me it might mean an additional version of a voiceover or maybe and particularly if English isn’t their first language a proof.
  5. don’t give it away but provide tasters - this impart of my policy to make myself irresistible.
  6. can do attitude - I like to leave them with the impression that I can be there “go to” man.

Okay this doesn’t always work but it’s a good start!

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Guest nicktribedesign

Great advice, thanks for sharing! But do be careful about under-promising - best policy is to be completely honest with the buyers about what you can and can’t do.

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