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Creating a gig that has steps that span a month


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Thanks in advance to those who can help me with this. I’m new and I’m offering gigs, such as my poetry exercise gig, that involve providing people with one suggestion/item a week for month.

First, I’m asking for an email to send the items weekly. I don’t see that forbidden in the terms of service, just to keep the info confidential.

Second, I set my delivery as 24 hours for that gig because I can provide the first exercise within that time from–but the obligation of the gig won’t be complete for 4 weeks.

Third, do I refrain from hitting the Deliver Completed Work button until I have provided the person with the last exercise?

Or should I just plain redesign this gig to fit more with the format here? Any suggestions on how I’d do that?

Thanks again for any brainpower used on my behalf!

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Yes, you need to design your gig to fit the system here. This will not work so well. YOu will maybe have buyers cancel on the gigs after you deliver the first one.

What you should do is just make the gig say 30 days delivery time. Get rid of the one day. Then just clearly write in your gig description that the first exercise will be delivered in one day.

That is how you should do it, but even then you might have problems because if a buyer doesn’t like the exercises or doesn’t have time to do them, they might want to cancel.

I am not sure how much demand there is for a gig like this.

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@steadyjen Your gig has some problems and you’ll have to change it up quite a bit from what you described. @sincere18 is right that offering 24 hour delivery will not work. I agree that in the beginning, you should make the delivery time as long as it can be which is probably 29 days and make sure every step fits in that time. Don’t mark it delivered until you send the last exercise.

Second, you definitely cannot use email for this. It is a direct violation of the Terms of Service. Fiverr does occasionally give special permission for some kinds of contact, but since there is no reason at all you can’t do this through the Fiverr system, I doubt they would in this case. You can use the order system to send each weekly message with any attachments and the buyer can respond the same way. When you send the final one, you might want to do that in the same type of message in the order system (a week before the end of the gig preferably) and then after waiting 24 hours, mark the gig delivery with an attachment describing what you did for the month.

Finally, if this gig does well, later you might want to break it down into small portions. If your brand new gig costs $5 for the month, after you reach level 1 or a bit later, you might want to make it $5 for 2 weeks. After you hit level 2, then $5 could be for one week at a time. That way when the gig is new, they get a bargain and you get to practice but you’ll barely earn anything for your time. As you build credibility, you’ll make it more profitable.

If for some reason you really want to try and insist on using email, you will need to contact Fiverr Customer Support before you do it and get written permission. As mentioned, I don’t think they will go for it, but that’s up to you to try if you wish. If you ask for email without doing that first, you could be banned.

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