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Buyer's request message problem : App support and feature lost


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Hi all, after the latest update of the android App, the feature to message and contact the buyers has gone and it is limting the horizons for sales for sellers, I rely heavily on it and therefore my sales are hugely affected.

How can we convince fiverr to add back the feature, since it is a loss to the revenue to fiverr also, and anyways feature to report spam meessages were already there.

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You need to make a post in the forum Suggestion Box if you haven’t yet. I realize this is an older post of yours, but I’m seeing posts now that are not within forum guidelines so I’m letting you know what the issues are. There is no guarantee Fiverr will do what you ask and spam is an ongoing issue on the forums and for buyers who get direct contact. Still, you have the right to make your wishes known in the Suggestion Box.

What you should not do on the Fiverr forum is to post the external link to your petition. That is something for you to promote yourself off-Fiverr. You may also contact Customer Support via the ticketing system, but again, if too many people used the feature for spam, that doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong. It does mean that it is a high risk for Fiverr to put the feature back.

I also understand what you mean about the report feature and they might decide that is a valid option, but it depends on risk vs. reward for everyone so that is the best I can offer.

Maddie “FontHaunt”

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